Time Travel Shoujo
Genre Science fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Osamu Yamasaki
Written by Mitsutaka Hirota
Sachiko Kubo
Yoshiko Nakamura
Music by Hitomi Kuroishi
Produced by Aya Yoshino
Masahiro Murakami
Studio WAO World
Licensed by Funimation
Network TV Tokyo, TVh, TVA, TVO, TVS, TVQ, AT-X
Original Run July 9, 2016 – present
Episodes 2 (List of Episodes)
Time Travel Shōjo: Mari Waka to 8-nin no Kagakusha-tachi (タイムトラベル少女~マリ・ワカと8人の科学者たち~ ?) or in English Time Travel Girl is anime series produced by WAO World and is directed by Osamu Yamasaki. Funimation has streaming rights to the anime.

Plot Edit

Mari Hayase is on a mission to go back in time and meet eight of the most prominent scientists and inventors in history. With the help of her two friends Waka Mizuki and Jun Mizuki she'll find herself up close and personal with famous figures like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and so many more.

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